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Spending hours in front of the mirror preparing for an interview doesn’t always prepare you for every question that you will be asked. Most times recruiters often love to throw a few weird questions, make off point comments and outright absurd statements out there just to catch the job seeker unaware. Don’t worry we have compiled this article just for you as we know that nobody is perfect and nobody is above mistakes.

Below are tips on how to recover from some  common job interview mistake.

  • Unanswered questions: If you have a moment when you are asked questions you don’t have idea on and you are blank and you have made the mistake of telling a hiring manager you don’t know the answer to their question, quickly make a recovery by telling them this statement “That’s an interesting question and one i haven’t considered. May I take a few days to consider it and send my answer through email?” If they accept your offer, be sure to research the question on a professional level and send the answer within the stated timeframe.


  • Wasted time: Potential employers who ask about your typical day and hobbies outside of work aren’t looking for wasted time. They’re checking to see if you manage your time effectively. Even if you use your free time to search the Internet and peruse social media, don’t admit to it. Make it sound professional, use statements like: “Communicating with new people and connecting with friends and family is important to me.” Or connect your free time and interests to industry topics. Try to steer the conversation towards professional development.


  • Bad experiences: We have all had bad experiences at previous work positions. Don’t make the interview mistake of complain to the hiring manager about it. If you’ve already made that mistake, there’s still time to recover. Here is a quick tip for a structured way out: “I apologize for that. What I was trying to say is, I currently feel underutilized. Being productive and helping clients grow is my main goal. I don’t feel like this is happening to its full potential right now.” No one wants to hear people cry about their bad work experiences especially the hiring manager, so avoid this mistake.


  • Lack of future plans: Fresh graduates and new hires often start their venture with little idea of future plans. Even seasoned veterans often lack a solid growth outline, so don’t make it obvious. But should you make an interview mistake and accidentally convey your lack of plans, recover with a simple explanation. “Before advancing in the industry, I want to learn valuable skills and experience working with clients. Updating my industry knowledge helps place [company’s name] ahead of the competition.” The point is to let them know you want to advance but that you aren’t planning to abandon them within the next few years.


  • Work style preferences. In this new virtual age, companies have increasingly started offering remote, work-from-home positions. While you are on the interview sit, don’t make the mistake of telling the interviewer “I prefer to work from home.” Unless the position listing specifically lists the opportunity to telework. But for a situation where you have made such mistake, follow it up and recover from it by asking if they offer any opportunities to teleworking. “I was just curious. Does [The company’s name] offer remote or teleworking opportunities?”

During an interview, knowing what to say and what not to say is a key part of communicating well with everyone on the panel and when you’re under pressure, you might not be thinking as quickly as you’re speaking. Relax it possible to have a smooth interview, get your complete interview Questions and answers for full preparation by click on the book “ACE YOUR JOB INTERVIEW QUESTION (100 QUESTION AND ANSWERS PLUS MUST READ INTERVIEW TIPS)” to download your copy.

The best way to clean up a mistake is by preventing it in the first place, though this isn’t always possible. Interview preparation helps reduce anxiety, accommodates potential problems and makes the interview smoother and that’s why you need to get your complete interview Questions and answers for full preparation by click on the book “ACE YOUR JOB INTERVIEW QUESTION (100 QUESTION AND ANSWERS PLUS MUST READ INTERVIEW TIPS)” to download your copy.

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    Nice article… sure i wont fail to tip in a thing or two from what i have learnt today as means of correcting interview mistakes…thank you

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