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How to answer the basic interview question “Tell me about yourself”? /Can I meet you? / Who are you? /Can we know you/ why are you here?

Congrats! You’ve made it to the interview phase of the job search process and now it’s time to speak with actual people which is great. But, preparation is key, and if you want to approach the interview questions effectively knowing that interview is a competitive game and little things can make the difference when you’re with the panel, then this article is just for you because even the smartest and most qualified job seeker needs to prepare for their job interview because there are no second chances to make a great impression to your interviewer if you blow the first chance with mistakes. Below is an example on how to answer the basic interview question.

Question: “Tell me about yourself”? /Can I meet you? / Who are you? /Can we know you?

Sample Answer

“I am an innovative customer service manager with 6 years of experience managing and monitoring all the aspects of the customer service function-from solving customer’s problems to ensuring customer retention to increasing sales. (Who you are)

I have spent 6 years developing my skills as a customer service manager. I have been able to attract recognition and several awards even national awards 3 times. I love solving customer problems and overseeing my team members to do so too. (Competence highlights)

Even if I love my current position, I know that I am ready to take up a more challenging role in customer service, and that is why I am very excited about this position. (Why are you here)”

You can use the statements above to structure your answer too.

Never give this kind of answer;

“My name is Adewale Paul, I am from Delta state, and I attended St. Johns primary school after which I went to Methodist Boys School. After my secondary education, I gained admission into the University of Lagos. I am from a family of 6, my parents are very poor, and so I need this job so that I can take care of my siblings …” 

It’s important to know that no amount of preparation can guarantee a job, which is why no amount of preparation can ever be truly “enough”. But then you must be prepared because the more prepared you are, the better for you.

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