Writing a cover letter is not as simple as it sounds, time and patience is invested in the process as it is the first written impression made to a hiring manager. When writing a cover letter you need to sound exact, natural, relaxed in your tone and not too formal. With the mix of all of these components together with the right balance, it always births the prefect cover letter.

This article suggests few details you should be intentional about to always double check before you click the send the button.

  • The length.
  • Your contact information.
  • The hiring managers name.
  • The tone of your letter.
  • Re-read for spelling and grammar error.

The length: Ensure your cover letter it’s not too long. It is not an essay so keep it short and concise. It should never be longer than a single page, although employers don’t mention a specific word count in the requirements but you should always divide the content into 3 to 4 short paragraphs. If for any reason after writing you discover that your cover letter is longer than expected, endeavor to make it shorter before sending it out.

Your contact information: Hope you know that it’s little things that count, a single letter omitted or added in the email address makes a big difference. It would be ruinous to send a great application that gets the interest of a hiring manager, but get the phone number or email address wrong. Make sure that your contact information is correct as one simple mistake in it will result all the hard work that you put in to write your cover letter and CV to be in vain. So always ensure to double check your contact information before pressing the send button.

The hiring manager’s name: Quick question, are you addressing your cover letter to the right person by using their first name? Not “To Whom It May Concern , To the Recruiter or Dear Hiring Manager.” You should make some research (at least visit the company’s website) to get some information’s and  know the hiring managers name. Yes it is this important because it makes your application focused, personalized and relevant. The person who reads it knows it’s addressed directly to them and also this small detail will show that you made an effort to find out more about the company before applying.

The tone of your letter: this mistake is common among job seekers. As an applicant make sure your cover letter is not excessively formal. You would not want the hiring manager to see you as an uninteresting person or someone who is not approachable, but you would want the reverse and want to be seen as a candidate who will fit into the organizations customs.

Re-read for spelling and grammar error: After spending all the time to prepare a magnetic cover letter, you wouldn’t want to blow the opportunity of being called for interview with simple grammar or typo error. Know that even the smallest mistakes in your cover letter can make a  hiring manager which is busy to hold back from reading it, particularly if the position you’re applying involves “good communication skills”. However printing out your cover letter and reading it on a hard copy form is a great way to lay hold of things you may have missed.

Remember mistakes are not impossible, so double checking and reviewing these details is very important and cannot be overlooked before  submitting a cover letter.

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